Show up. Connect. Speak up. 

Show Up!

Find your local groups organizing around the rights of incarcerated women and attend their general public meetings. 

Become a member of the National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls

Attend school board, city council, and/or community meetings.

Taking action for incarcerated people can be small or large, but you have to show up, listen, and learn first!


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Speak up!

Across the country, prison reform is occurring at the local level. If you want to get involved, find the individuals near you already advocating on these issues. Find out what is coming up in the legislature and how it will affect incarcerated mothers. Host an informational potluck for your friends and family to teach them more about the issue.


Consider donating to National Bail Out 


National Bail Out is a revolving community bail fund that works to help people who have not been charged with a crime get out of jail and back to their families. The bail system forces many people who do not have the fund to plea guilty to charges when they are actually innocent or face spending many months, and too frequently years, awaiting their trial in jail. National Bail Out counteracts this by helping people make bail and go home.