In Solidarity Fighting Racial Injustice: As researchers who gather data in order to advocate for reproductive health care for people behind bars, the ARRWIP team recognizes the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others as acts of violence by law enforcement against black and brown people that have centuries’ long history in this country.  Such police violence and the systemic racism and white supremacist structures from which it arises are-- and always have been-- public and individual health crises. And they are the same forces that have shaped mass incarceration, which disproportionately confines and harms Black individuals.  This is why the work we do is not merely about improving reproductive health services in carceral institutions—it is connected to the broader work of reproductive and racial justice that seeks to dismantle our reliance on institutions of incarceration, to dismantle racism within health care institutions and beyond.  We support Black Lives Matter, and stand in solidarity with others opposing racism in all its forms.

COVID-19 Reflections: The ARRWIP team recognizes the profound and complex implications of the current pandemic for people in our nation's prisons, jails, and detention centers. People in these settings are at high risk of acquiring and transmitting the virus and often have limited access to cleaning and hygiene supplies; further, institutions are not well equipped to contain and treat infections. The virus is shedding a bright light on the ever-present connections between institutions of incarceration and the broader public.


We support efforts to de-populate institutions of incarceration as a sound public health measure to protect the wellbeing of people behind bars-- especially for pregnant people. Read ARRWIP director Carolyn Sufrin's op-ed in USA Today on why we should be prioritizing pregnant folks for release during COVID-19.  

We recommend the following resources to learn more about COVID-19 and incarcerated people:

Prison Policy Initiative

Marshall Project

Vera Institute

The COVID in Prison Project

More than 226,000 women are behind bars in the U.S.

How many are pregnant?


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  • PIPS Survey Tool: We're happy to announce that the monthly survey tool used to collect data for the Pregnancy in Prison Statistics (PIPS) Project is now posted on our website! To view and download the tool, click HERE. 


  • We've expanded our work beyond the Pregnancy in Prison Statistics project. The name of our research group is Advocacy and Research on Reproductive Wellness of Incarcerated People (ARRWIP). Please note our new social media handles on Facebook and Twitter! We're excited to continue and expand our research!

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